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  • Understanding swallowing difficulties after spine surgery can improve quality of life

    Difficulty swallowing is one of the most common complications of anterior cervical spine surgery (ACSS). Investigators who evaluated possible risk and contributing factors report in Advances in Communication and Swallowing that although most difficulties resolve within two months, the perception of swallowing difficulty can persist for longer, but this does not always correlate with test results.

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  • New spine robot to serve as backbone for orthopedic innovations

    By utilizing robotic systems and other advanced technologies, many spine surgeries may be performed in a minimally invasive fashion, which is associated with numerous advantages including: less damage to muscles, reduced blood loss and operative time, decreased complication rates, quicker recoveries, and ultimately better clinical outcomes.

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  • A Guide to Spinal Fusion Recovery

    Spinal fusion surgery is a major procedure with a lengthy recovery time. There’s no one set path for recovery from spinal fusion surgery. Everyone’s recovery timeline can look slightly different depending on factors such as their overall health, ability to exercise, ability to heal, weight, and more.

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  • Your Guide to Cervical Spinal Stenosis

    Cervical spinal stenosis is a type of spinal stenosis, a condition that occurs when your spinal canal narrows. The narrowing can put pressure on the spinal cord, which can lead to myelopathy, which is damage to the spinal cord.

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  • Pain in the neck? New surgical method could be game-changing

    Results of the study, published in The Spine Journal, the journal World Neurosurgery and Asian Spine Journal showed that the cage-screw and anterior plating combination model has promising potential to reduce the risk of micro motion and subsidence of implanted cages in two or more level ACDFs.

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