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  • Prolonged Sitting: What You Should Know to Improve Your Posture

    Have you ever found yourself feeling stiff and uncomfortable after extended periods of sitting at your desk, perhaps even experiencing nagging back pain? Dr. Arto Pesola, director of the Active Life Lab at South-Eastern Finland University and co-founder of Fibion, suggests a straightforward remedy: stand up.

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  • What sleeping position is best for sacroiliac joint pain relief?

    SJP may worsen at night, particularly if a person lies on the side of the affected joint or moves suddenly in bed. Adopting certain sleeping positions and other nighttime habits may help to ease the pain.

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  • What to know about spinal stenosis surgery

    Spinal stenosis is a condition that causes the spaces in the spine to become narrow. This can put pressure on the spinal cord. When the spaces in the spine narrow, it can create pressure on the spinal cord and any nearby nerve tissue.

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  • Recovery from spinal fusion: What to expect

    Spinal fusion is a surgical technique that permanently joins two or more of the spine’s vertebrae, or bones. It is a major procedure that requires extensive healing time for the bones to fuse fully and for the body to recover from the surgical trauma.

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  • What are the most effective medications for back pain?

    Researchers have conducted several research reviews into medications for back pain. They found some may be more effective than others.

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